Due to the COVID-19 situation we have had to change how we operate and the procedures in place across our business. We hope the below provides answers to any questions that you may have at this time, but if you do need any further information please contact your local branch.

In order to adhere to government guidelines and social distancing measures, our offices will not be open to the general public, unless an appointment has been booked. To book an appointment please contact the branch.

The answer to this is somewhat difficult to predict but given that there is still good availability of mortgage finance and a general lack of supply of property in the market we still expect prices will not suffer hugely in the medium to short term.

We have implemented new measures to ensure the safety of both our customers and our team. It is likely that social distancing measures will remain for some time, so we have the necessary protective equipment in place.
If we are coming out to your property for either a viewing or valuation you will be asked several questions relating to COVID-19. If we are able to carry out the appointment we will be taking the following measures;

Conducting a Valuation Appointment
  • Ensure that social distancing is adhered to whilst in the property.
  • Any equipment will be cleaned using Anti Bac between appointments
  • Our valuer will avoid any physical contact whilst in your home and so handshaking will be avoided.
  • Our valuer will use hand sanitiser on entry prior to the appointment and will have available the use of protective gloves and face mask if the customer or the indeed the valuer requires.

Conducting a Viewing Appointment
  • There should be a maximum of two people in attendance at the property per viewing.
  • Viewing appointments should be conducted for as short a period of time as possible to minimise contact and any potential exposure.
  • Hand sanitiser should be used on entry and on exit of a property by both our representative and the customer.
  • After each viewing we will use anti-bacterial wipes to clean down door handles and other regularly used surfaces.
  • Maintain a minimum of 2m distance from others where possible whilst working in line with the recommended guidance on social distancing.

Our guidance is that any visit to a property is limited to a maximum of two people at any one time. Therefore if a builder was to visit it may be they need to view the house with one of the buyers whilst the other waits outside. If the property is vacant, it may be that you could go in, whilst observing social distancing with anyone not in your household.

Yes of course you can. All our offices are stocked with the appropriate safety equipment so if you would like us to bring any to the viewing for you just let us know.

Our expectation is that with such a lack of supply of properties for sale, coupled with the swift return of mortgage lenders back to their pre March state in terms of deals available, demand will be just as strong as we come out of the other end of this crisis. Speak to your local valuer about your options and for information on the local market.

Some surveyors are agreeing to visit empty properties but for now most have stopped in line with government guidelines. That is of course with the exception of desktop surveys that are still taking place. Once lockdown is over we expect that surveyors will restart their planned visits but will do so under revised guidelines taking into account the social distancing measures laid out within guidance.

The government has now indicated that property moves can go ahead whilst ensuring they happen with the current safety guidelines taken into consideration. We will continue to follow government guidelines and do everything we can to help you move.

There is no specific answer on this because as often is the case different lenders are acting in different ways. Some will refuse lending to those on furlough and others will not. Speak to our mortgage advisers for further advice and information.

At present the lenders have responded to an increase in demand for their services, as many people apply for mortgage holidays, by changing their criteria and the products available. As this pressure eases the lenders will in turn ease their criteria once more and our expectation is that we will end up back where we were before the pandemic started.

Lenders criteria and the products they offer may have changed since lockdown and we are finding a lot of buyers budgets are changing as a result. Speak to our mortgage advisers for further information and advice.

Again this is to be determined by the present criteria being offered by lenders but our expectation is that it will return back to where it was previously.

Yes. At the moment we would encourage our customers to speak to us over the phone rather than coming into the office. They can still offer advice, find you the best deals and arrange a mortgage.